Based on a 3D model of a “specimen” Aikawa discovered on the Internet, the aptly titled “specimen” is
a photographic work created with resin. Following the same process as film photography, UV-curing resin (the same type used for nail art and 3D printers) was layered under a negative-printed film sheet, then exposed to UV light. The resin, which hardens from exposure to UV light, becomes a transparent print which appears as an image when its own shadow is thrown into relief.
Early photographic techniques aimed to depict shadows with as much detail and delicacy as possible. By recording shadows in detail, it follows that shapes and forms are also being captured in detail. This work was created as an attempt to “make matter completely invisible and create a work in which shadows, and only shadows, exist,” alluding to the original ideas and techniques that gave birth to photography.


all photo by Katsumi Kawashima


紫外線硬化樹脂、アクリルパネル(UVカット) / UV curable resin, acrylic panel / 25.4×30.5cm / 2023